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Welcome to Morris Estate Vineyards.

For years, Morris Estate Vineyards have grown fruit from Monterey County, developing a deep appreciation for that region's distinctive vineyards. In 2006, we introduced Morris Estate Vineyards to the Shasta County.  Were we source grapes exclusively from the Shasta,Tehama and Butte counties so to showcase the high quality and character of the Cascade regions grapes.
Because of the region's unique range of growing conditions, we are able to source each variety from the climate and soil it likes best. The result is high quality, affordable fine wine.
Morris Estates Vineyards Private Selection produces Cabernet, Merlot, Zinfandel and Tempranillo. Our wines are full-bodied and concentrated - with robust fruit forward expression and exceptional balance, as well as great depth and texture. All are hand crafted to be enjoyed upon release.

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